Molepolole police are investigating three cases of impersonating a person working in the public service which occured in Molepolole recently.

According to assistant superintendent Kumbani Machaya, on 14 April, the suspects got away with P600 cash and two cell phones valued at P3200 and P3500 respectively.

On 15 April, they swindled a man of P9240 which was part of payment for drilling boreholes for his clients. On 17 April, the suspects got away with cash amounting to P4700.

Machaya said the suspects approach their targets with a story of having found cash by their cars and they then proceed to ask them to accompany them to the police station and on the way they will be stopped by people who claim to be CID officers. The fake CID officers will then request them to hand all their valuables, money and ATM cards with PIN as they are being investigated.

They victims will then be taken to Molepolole police and made to wait in their cars while the fake offices goes inside the police station and disappear through the back gate.

Machaya warned the public that there is no police officer who can attend to them on the road as they have to be brought to office. He also said police officers have IDs bearing commissioner of police's signature. Machaya said they once did a sensitization about this issue at Mafenyatlala Mall and they are concerned by how people continue to lose their hard earned cash despite being warned in Itshireletse TV drama series and Crime file on Radio.

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